Hey all. First of all this: I don’t make any money with the liquid stuff. I don’t sell alcohol or accept any cash or benefits from distillers, brewery’s and so on. The only thing I will accept from them are samples, although I get most samples from friends or I just buy them myself. If you do send me a sample, don’t expect me to not say it if I don’t like it.

The site does try to make a bit of money to cover the cost from advertisements and from my own Redbubble shop. (The last one features my own artwork so if you get something there it’s also a welcome boost to my ego).

In the future if I add other ways that make me money (perhaps book recommendations etc.) I will also be very open about it on this page.

At this time the site does not keep any of your personal info or works with a membership. It will log your info if you decide to use the comment section, but that data will only be used for the functionality of the comment system itself.