About this site

Made 4 drinking is a site about the enjoyment of liquid treasures.

I’m Dave, and I’m passionate about enjoying life. Specially tasting it.

Therefore, I’m also passionate about single malt whisky, quality beer, good rum and so on.

For the past 5 years, I’ve had a blog about those fine things in life. It was written in the Dutch language and called ‘beproefd’. Which is Dutch for ‘tasted’.

The problem with Dutch is that your potential public is not exactly huge. We had a nice following among Flemish and Dutch readers, and even the odd South African, but that was about it. And I happen to have a lot of English speaking friends (both from my whisky circle of friends and from earlier adventures in online gaming) that kept nagging me about it.

So, I decided to quit the Dutch blog and start an English one instead.

What I didn’t plan on is life getting in the way, so the English one kept getting postponed.

Now that things are finally settling down again, I’m ready for a new chapter in my tasting adventures. I’m also planning on some other sections in the future, but always having to do with whisky, beer, and other great tasting liquids.

I’m also very open to other bloggers working on this project. So, if you feel you want to write about something that could have a place on this blog, feel free to contact me!