Tasting Brussels Beer Project Dark Sister

I got to say, I’m quite fond of the Brussels Beer Project. They manage to couple Belgian Beer tradition with innovative new ideas. Sure, they ‘claim’ to throw out tradition and conventions but it’s obvious they still use the knowledge and experience that is to be found in what is still the leading Beer country in the world. So I’m a little biased, deal with it.


Fact is, I’ve tasted a few beers of this brewery, and so far I liked most if not all of them. So they are past due a mention on this website. And while they have a few beers that are better known than this one, the Dark Sister is still one that is fairly well known. More importantly, it’s one that seems to be well liked.


I’ve had Werner Van den Nouwelant and Jürgen Vromans dragged over by my minions to have a wee tasting session. Just kidding, they weren’t dragged over by minions, they ARE my minions. (Did you know that most minions are not aware that they are, in fact, minions?)


I really should stop reading books about supernatural beings with mind control powers.


Anyway, let’s get to the taste notes.



Malt and coffee. Mocha as well. No those two aren’t 100% the same. Vanilla and chocolate add some sweetness, and more is provided by a touch of apricot and plums.



Time to take a sip after that promising nose. Still malt and coffee, but definitely more bitter. In a good way though, with dark chocolate and peppery notes. Less sweetness and fruit, although the plums are still there as supporting cast.



Malt, coffee and mocha. Still a nice bitterness, still some plums. The pepper still spices things up and for some reason some citrus notes decide to show up late to the party.


Damn woman, that’s what I’m talking about. Mmm, typing this while watching Black Lightning in the background seems to influence my language. Still, the sentiment stands: this beer packs some powerful flavours and manages to balance them all. The power and complexity is even more impressive if you take the relatively low alcohol percentage into account. 


This is one fine beer and a must try for everyone who likes the dark stuff. And with that I do mean beer, but if you are into dark comedy I’m pretty sure this will work well while binging a movie or a few episodes of choice.


This beer reminds me of: Nafessa Williams

Hey, I told you what I was watching. This isn’t rocket science.


The Data

The beer: Dark Sister

Released by: Brussels Beer Project

Alcohol percentage: 6,5 %

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