Tasting Koekedam

Man it’s hot. Time for a saison beer style in my glass.

Turnhout is basically famous for one thing: playing cards. So, when a craft brewery emerges in the small Belgian city, it’s pretty obvious what theme they will go with.

‘t Nest originated about 20 years ago as a beer tasting club that evolved in a hobby brewing club and then a proper craft brewery. Incidentally they were kind of located at what was then my favourite pub. So, I know a few of the owners, but that won’t hold me back if they make something I don’t like. Luckily enough the vast majority of their stuff I do like. Quite a few I love.

Koekedam, or the queen of Hearts is a saison style beer. Along with IPA one of my favourites, and most of all pretty much the beer style that replaced lager for me. At a similar strength it delivers much more complexity and taste. And a lot of saison offerings are really not that expensive.

I originally tasted this for beproefd along with none other than Jurgen Vromans, aka the Whisky/Rum Mercenary. As this is a very hot day, I think a retaste is in order just to make sure we knew what we were talking about back then. Oh, the sacrifices I make for you lot.


Citrus, forest soil, herbs, apricot, peach


Earthy touches, there’s that forest again. Citrus, grains, hops, and a whole range of spices. Peach still in the background.


Citrus, grain, herbs. Peppery and dried nettle. Still that Forest soil lingers. Peach comes back again after a bit.

I know ‘forest soil’ sounds bad, but it’s actually really good. Think of the times you went playing in the woods as a kid. The smells and sensations were great then, and it’s that stuff it reminded us off.

I know Guy from ‘t Nest used to be a big ‘The Cure’ fan. So maybe that’s why we get ‘A Forest’?

Anyway, this is really good and amazing at quenching your thirst at high temperatures while giving you a great tasty experience to boot. What’s not to like?

This beer reminds me of: Robert Smith

Seriously, did you even read the text above if you have to ask why?

The data:

The beer: Koekedam

Released by: ‘t Nest

Alcohol percentage: 6,5%

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